Farah Hussain, Executive Coach for Reflective Leaders


I know you take your leadership role seriously. I'm the same. I often ask,

“What kind of leader am I? What kind of leader do I want to be? How can I fulfill that vision, even when it feels impossible?”

The answer lies in your inherent strengths. The key is building the confidence to unlock them. We work together to find the answer and turn the key.

Farah Hussain Executive Coach in black shirt on black background smiling.

My Coaching Approach

I started listening to my long-standing intuition to get trained as a coach when nine colleagues sought my mentorship over a very short period of time.

My coaching approach today merges techniques from three coach training programs with 15+ years of global corporate leadership experience. My lived experience informs the coaching questions I ask, the frameworks we develop, and the options we consider to find the best growth paths for you.


My Lived (Corporate) Experience

Having a corporate job, while coaching privately, keeps me close to the challenges leaders deal with today.

My greatest growth as a leader came from advancing at PayPal as it transitioned through many stages of growth: a spin-off, a public launch, and a rise to the Fortune 200. I managed up, down, across, and externally. I led multiple “firsts,” managed people in different regions, and launched programs in 13 countries.

I learned to ground myself in my personal style to lead sustainably and model authenticity. I coach to ground you in your own style, so you can have the impact you dream to have.

My Lived (Personal) Experience

I know what it’s like to live outside of the norm. I also know what it’s like to try too hard to fit into it, and feel disconnected from yourself. It’s one of the reasons why coaching leaders to embrace their personal norm is so important to me.

Most of my clients are from underrepresented groups. It is not lost on me that my personal experience with the same is a reason they chose to work with me.

Coaching involves vulnerability. The personal relatability, clients have told me, helped them to open up and navigate challenges in ways they felt they could not easily elsewhere.